I would like this space to be to thank you and as a response to all of you, my readers, who have filled me with so many messages and affection, which I cannot always answer on a cases basis.  The following phrases that I am sharing with you are a compilation of experiences and sensations, enclosing the mystique and inner search vividly expressed in my new book, 



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Walking down our path together is my greatest wish.




I repressed my desire, I look at my reflection in the mirror and couldn't find it. 


Today I was lost, lonely. Behind your gaze, in the mirror of your face, is where light is. 


Remember that you are so special that thousands of stars will shine this night for you. 


A dark afternoon, grey clouds, the taste of coffee. A break, and everything things prevail. 


You aren't alone in this world. There's always someone special for you. Remember. Search for him/her. 


Today you may not be doing what you wish. It is just a break in your path. 


Beautiful the skin that opens up to desire and allows itself to get intoxicated by sensations. 


Just like the immense sea reaching us wave upon wave is your inner search in infinity. 


Minutes fade eternally among so many senseless hours. Gray sky. I miss you. 


We believe we are free and give our days away to obligations. You not only have to believe, but live. 

Amidst the noise, lose yourself in your inner silence. That's where the peace you need is. 


Do you remember your first kiss and sensation? No words, no logic; sometimes it's better. 


The dark and fade forest. From there, your clear-cut words show me the path. 


A new day, breathe the fresh air. This may be the day you were so much looking for. Pay attention. 


The world exerts its influence, and you - only you - transform it.